The beginnings of It Goes Without Saying were born 10 years ago.

I was in my mid-20s, just getting my foot into the business of medical advertising, when I decided to resume the music lessons I
began as a child. After each workday in downtown Manhattan, I’d walk over to the Greenwich House School of Music, where
they offered classical lessons and practice rooms. I was studying Mozart and Brahms and Chopin. I loved the Romantics. I’d
practice on their baby grands during lunch hour and after work, and early mornings in my apartment before jumping on the
PATH train to New York City.  

One night after work while rooting through the classical music at Borders, a CD called
No Words by Jim Brickman caught my
eye. Whereas Classical music often felt beyond my reach, Jim’s simple melodies engaged a different part of my brain. Perhaps I
could compose. Ashley’s Song (track one) was written for my wife during our one-year engagement and was first shared on our
wedding day. To this day, it remains her favorite.

One year passed and Ashley and I moved from Hoboken to Bedminster, New Jersey, planning for the arrival of our first child.
Meanwhile, my career was taking shape. With the long hours and long commute, retreats to the piano were harder to come by.
Writing time was replaced with family time. Compositions came together, but over longer stretches.

During the next few years, I expanded my musical tastes. New Age composers George Winston, David Lanz, Michael Jones, and
Suzanne Ciani all left their marks in different ways. We bought a home and a refurbished upright piano. I continued to compose,
finding time at the corners of life.

I now work in New Jersey, a stone’s throw from our home. My wife and I are now parents of three
. And yes, early mornings I’
m still writing, giving shape to a second album… still sweeping the temple steps, still fanning the flame to keep the fire alive.
Circle of 5 Productions
Jeffrey Perino
solo piano